1/6 Lucifer LXF1702 セクシー美人剣士鎧服と長剣と地台セット Valkyria Chronicles Fiona

1/6 Lucifer LXF1702 セクシー美人剣士鎧服と長剣と地台セット Valkyria Chronicles Fiona

発売日 2018年10月末
サイズ 1/6スケール
商品仕様 アクションフィギュア 服セット
メーカー Lucifer

Product Backgrounds:
(Valkyria Chronicles) Fiona is created to be a magic style-based original character model after referencing several domestic and foreign CG illustrations and the original game. These armors were specifically designed for KT004 head and Tbleague silicone body of the S12d model, so that they demonstrate the tailored fit between the parts. In addition, we utilized the exclusive use of the platform with the model to further project the harmonious combination so while playing with the model, it will display intense static prospect.

Product Features:
Headband *1
Scarf Armor *1
Chest Armor Piece *1
Removable Shoulder Armor *2
Armor Arms *6
Gauntlets *2
Thigh Armor *2
High Heels Battleboots *2
Crotch Protection Piece *1
Sexy Bodysuit *1
Leather Sheath *1
Black Stockings *1
Leather Back Piece *1
Cross Sword (Metal Plating Process)
Sword scabbard
Main Scene: After the rain relics scene
Accessories: European Stairs
Pre-order bonus! Wild Rabbit
Note: This product does not contain the body and head, (recommended with the use of Tbleague/ S12d silicone body and KT004 head model)

メーカーおすすめ素体はPHICEN TBLeague S12D素体です。

メーカーおすすめヘッドはKT004 です。



型番 Lucifer LXF1702