Soap Reactor by Soap Studio 電源リアクター

Soap Reactor by Soap Studio 電源リアクター

サイズ 1/1スケール
商品仕様 フィギュア 用パーツ
メーカー Soap Studio


Batteries generally contain acid, mercury, lead and some other materials; its leakage is harmful to human and to the environment and the electrolyte is toxic, corrosive and flammable. To protect our beloved toys and the environment, Soap Studio specially developed the world's first battery substitutional power supply device - Soap Reactor. By replacing batteries with a small polarized connector, the user just needs to plug in the connector to the battery chamber and electricity will be conducted through a wire straight to the connection. Soap Reactor can connect with a variety of figure products from different brands including Hot Toys, Kids Logic, Sen-Ti-Nel and many more. Each Soap Reactor consists of eight power outputs, including a USB power output. By using Neo Sensor technology, the on/off remote control switching can be executed by a simple swing action, totally free from the trouble of contact point oxidation. Product properties: - Each Soap Reactor has eight power outputs and a 2A USB power output for use with a variety of toy products - Free from battery acidic leakages which is harmful to both human and toys - No need to replace the batteries periodically - Multiple Soap Reactors can be controlled with 1 Neo Sensor (the remote included) - Soap Reactor can be switched between manual on/off,

Neo Sensor on/off or static on Comes with:
- Soap Reactor
- Neo Sensor remote control
- LR936 adaptor with cable
- LR621 adaptor with cable x3



型番 Soap Reactor by Soap Studio